Te Bote – Conor Maynard, Anth (Traduzione ITA HD)

The music and video belong to Conor Maynard and Anth. I don’t own anything, all rights belong to Conor Maynard and Anth.
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La canzone originale è Te Bote Remix – Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Nicky Jam.

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Spent so many nights wondering where you been
Now I know I’ll never waste my time again
You’re too busy breaking hearts to understand
De mi vida, te bote
Won’t believe your lies again
Yeah, yeah, yeah, mami

On the real, I gotta shout out to my ex girl
Yeah, there’s something gotta get off my chest girl
Did me dirty but I swear that you the best girl
Cus every time I rap about you, that’s a check girl

I should’ve known
You were busy creepin every time I wasn’t home
Accusing of me cheating always blowing up my phone
The one who points the finger is the same one doing wrong

So say goodbye to the memories
I gave you everything, I gave the best of me
But girl you only cared about my history
Too paranoid to love that’s what you did to me

And I can’t say I
Was perfect, but girl I tried
To work it out but your lies
Ain’t worth it, so it’s goodbye
It’s goodbye

Y yo se que tu me quieres pero no mi importa
Y yo se que estas con otro y estoy con otra
Dime si tu me recuerdas cuando el te toca
No me mientes, soy el único que te tiene loca

Fess up
Girl you messed up
What a shame
Said that
You was with friends
Out of state
Don’t lie
You was with him
At his place
Cus your friends
Said they ain’t seen you for days

De mi vida, te bote
Won’t believe your lies again
Yeah, yeah, yeah, mami